Cool it


I could use some crispy cold snow right about now…. *melts*



Well, I guess I have to apologize again – this insane heatwave is just too much for my body. I keep feeling like a well used doormat, flat and lifeless. Hence the missing posts. Again. Oy.


Everything seems somewhat hazy…



Feeling the need to redecorate? Looking for something new? Don’t know where to start?


Just pick a fancy chair or two and you’ll be golden.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’


Even the spikiest cactus knows how to celebrate the beauty of summer.


Rusty wheels


I bet they squeak.


Gorgeous summer night

summer night

A moment of quiet perfection.


Time to fly


Enjoy the fluffy clouds.


One extreme Sunday

From piping hot to soaking wet, with some lightning to boot – racing photography in this kind of weather is serious work.

wet racing

I’m still not completely dry…


Slow down!

Whew… summer should be a time to relax and wind down, but I’ve been busier than ever – hence the missed daily posts. Not whining, just… well, okay, I’m kind of whining.

coffee break

I guess I need to find a friend, grab some coffee and have a chill out on the balcony :)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers


Sometimes even the strongest net can’t contain what is yearning to break free.



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